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What is Digital Marketing and its Use for Your Business?

What is Digital Marketing and its Use for Your Business? | Definition of Digital Marketing is an activity or marketing activity with a series of ways and techniques that use digital media that are interested in getting traffic, data, and customers. Marketing is a series of efforts to convey, disseminate, and offer something to achieve certain goals. While digital means sophisticated equipment that is synonymous with technology that always develops and provides convenience to the community. Examples of digital media, websites, social media, online stores, marketplaces, digital payments, applications, search engines, are modern digital technologies that are most familiar with society today.
Among them all can be used to help marketing products, businesses or businesses that are more modern and potential because they have very fast access and wide reach.

The Main Purpose of Digital Marketing as Marketing

Marketing target
The main purpose of "digital marketing" is marketing that utilizes tools or digital media to reach target consumers quickly, precisely and broadly. Besides that, it can also be more effective and efficient in using advertising funds for business or business purposes.

Increase Brand Awareness
Actually increasing brand awareness is part of conventional and digital marketing, where the goal is to introduce a product or brand to the community. The more famous a brand / brand, the more easily accepted by consumers. Advertise on television, billboards, radio which is commonly called conventional advertising is basically an effort to increase brand awareness. In the digital era, you can use display adverstiser Google Ads, or Facebook and Instagram. Legal marketing is a better known product and brand by the audience, it will be more easily accepted by consumers

Build a Database Market
What if we have a consumer database that is right and suitable for our products or services?. As an example of a hijab business, digital marketing can gather consumer prospects with criteria for women aged 18-40, Muslims, and like fashion. You can use this database to offer via e-mail or advertisements that are very effective and efficient in digital marketing activities.

Digital Analysis
After determining the target, which is analyzing to implement the most effective and efficient digital marketing system. Using several types of tools as an analysis page to measure an ad, user behavior, and including the use of advertising budgets, so that it really fits the marketing target. Like Google Analytisc, Search Console, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram Insigt etc.
What is Digital Marketing and its Use for Your Business?

Digital Marketing Media Used for Business

  1. Website
    Since the first time the website has become the choice of many people for easy access to information, data exchange rates, dissemination of products, places to buy and sell online, and promotional media. We can start using digital marketing by creating the right business website
    The cost of making a website is relatively cheap for capital building a business when compared to the cost of opening a store or office directly. If there are already shops and offices plus a website, the results will be even better
  2. Content Marketing
    Content means that the content resides in a digital media such as articles on the website, posts and captions on Facebook and Instagram, including videos both on youtube, website and social media. Of course the type that has a marketing value is that it can attract attention, both to increase brand awareness or get sales from content marketing
  3. Social Media
    The social networking media that is very crowded is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Places to interact without being limited by space and time. Social media services already offer very cheap advertising sites specifically for example advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the most widely used online media for information seeking. Search engines can be used to get consumers who are exactly what they are looking for using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We can make a lot of SEO-optimized content to get a lot of website visitors who can become opportunities as potential customers. Learn complete knowledge about SEO from Google
  5. Google Ads (Search Engine Marketing)
    Special places to advertise from Google include. 
    - Search Engine Marketing ads that appear on the top page of Google search.
    - Display Network banner ad ads that appear on websites and blogs that are crowded with visitors.
    - Youtube Ads, if you often see ads on Youtube this is a video advertising service from Google. You can learn more in the Google Ads Guide.
  6. Email Marketing
    If we ever receive an email containing a promotion from a service or online store for example, that is the use of email as marketing. Almost all internet users already have potential active e-mail as a tool for offering products or services. Using e-mail cannot be sent, but using a subscriber database, people who are interested in your business

Steps to Start Digital Marketing

  1. Create a website with the right concepts and designs
  2. Create website content that is in line with the marketing target
  3. Building social media assets
  4. Create content marketing for websites and social media
  5. Implement SEO for websites
  6. Use Google or Facebook ads
  7. Build video content assets like Youtube
  8. Always learn from experts and practice

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