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What benefits do you get in digital marketing?

What benefits do you get in digital marketing? | Unlike most offline marketing (Shop), digital marketing allows marketers (marketers) to see accurate results as you enter data. If you've ever advertised in a newspaper, you will know how difficult it is to estimate how many people actually buy offers and pay attention to your ad. And certainly there is no sure way to find out whether the ad has opened up opportunities for all sales.
Measuring Website Traffic

With digital marketing, you can measure ROI (Return on Investment) from almost all aspects of your marketing efforts. What is meant by ROI itself is a measure / quantity used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment compared to the costs and initial capital issued.

Here are a few examples:

Measuring Website Traffic
With digital marketing, you can see the number of people who have seen your website pages for a number of times using digital software. You can also see how many pages they visit, what tools they use, and where they come from, and so on.

This knowledge helps you prioritize which types of marketing media spend a lot of time and are more efficient, based on the number of people using the media to page your site. For example, if only 10% of the audience comes to your website (traffic) that comes from organic searches (without pay), you know that problem requires free time in SEO to increase the percentage.

With offline marketing (shop), it is difficult to know how many people are interested in your brand / brand before they interact with a seller or make a purchase.

With digital marketing, you can identify trends and behavior patterns of your customers before reaching the final stage of their purchase journey, Checkout. This means you can make the right funnel about how to attract them to your site's page and buy your offer.

Measuring Content Performance and Collecting Leads
Has it ever occurred to you when you distributed flyers, that after sharing you didn't know how many people opened your brochure or how many people were not interested.

Now imagine you have the brochure on your site instead. You can measure exactly how many people see the page where you uploaded the brochure, and you can collect the contact details of who downloaded it. As a result, you not only can measure how many people are involved in your content, but you can also collect quality customer prospect data.

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